Monday, March 1, 2021

Footballers: 5 tips to kick off your knee injuries!

Knee Injuries: How serious can they be?

The knee is a complex joint. It moves like a door hinge, allowing a person to bend and straighten their legs so they can sit, squat, jump and run. The knee is made up of four components: bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons. There are many different types of knee injuries that may occur. 

Most common knee injuries are ligament injuries of which ACL injury is the most common, Fractures, Meniscal injuries, Knee bursitis, Patellar tendinitis, etc. 

Current and a relatable example can be of Sergio Aguero one of the major stars in English Premier League of Manchester City Football Club suffered with a devastating knee injury against Burnley, which was later revealed as a meniscus injury. 


The injury-  

The menisci are dual crescent shaped pieces of cartilage that sit between the femur(thigh bone) and tibia(shin bone) within the knee joint to absorb force, distribute load and reduce friction.

The surgery-

Based on reports it is very likely that the City Star underwent partial menisectomy in which the damaged piece of tissue is removed via arthroscopic surgery using tiny instruments inserted through portals in the knee. 

This injury side lined the Argentinian International for more than 8 months. This was a devastating blow to not only the player but also the the club he was playing for Manchester City, as he was their highest goal scorer in the previous season. 

Aguero underwent surgery a few days later after his injury. The major question for the player and the team is now whether he can make it back to the most important league in club football the UEFA Champion's League.The medical staff and physiotherapist are currently working with the player to get him back on the field to his utmost potential. 


1. Regular warm up and cool down for 20 mins.

2. Focus on strengthening exercises of hip and knee muscles. 

3. Regular stretching of hamstring and quadriceps muscles. 

4. Wear good shoes that fit well and are appropriate for the sport like football or exercise that you are doing.

5. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce stress on your knees.

Knee injuries are a common phenomenon in football, visiting a physiotherapist can reduce the recurrence as certain strengthening and conditioning programs can be recommended which would in turn increase tolerance of excessive pressure while playing. 

Any injury creates a huge set back in the sports career of a footballer. It affects performance and has a negative impact on his/her physical, emotional and mental health. In addition, a previous injury can increase the chances of a re-injury or a new injury. Thus, complete recovery from an injury under an experienced physiotherapist is critical for effective return to sport. 

The rehabilitation program at REHAB STATION is customized according to the footballer's injury for a powerful comeback. 




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