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Neuro Physiotherapy Guide: What is it? | Roles | Benefits | Rehab Station

What is Neuro Physiotherapy?
Neuro physiotherapy is a type of therapeutic intervention that aims at treating patients who suffer from disorders that are neurological in nature. It is not just a technique but it’s a completely different approach! It includes a multitude of intervention techniques aimed at rehabilitating patients having neurological illnesses.

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    “Neuro” means related to brain, spinal cord and nerves. As we all know, ‘brain’ is the controlling centre of our body. Whatever we do, whenever we move, each movement is initiated, controlled and stopped by the brain through spinal cord and injuries. Treating the brain or spinal cord directly is not what neuro physiotherapy involves. But we treat the muscles and the joints, whose receptors send signals to the brain and thus the connection is renewed and maintained. 

    The spectrum of neurological disorders includes:

    • Parkinson’s Disease: It is typically characterized by slowness and shaking of movement, rigid muscles and impaired posture and balance.The jerky movements can be improved to smooth actions. Exercises can improve walking patterns and balance. Rehabilitation of majority functional disability is possible with supervised Physiotherapy guidance.

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    • Balance / vestibular system affection :  Balance training is one of the integral part of the neuro physiotherapy. Rehabilitation of these conditions clinically has proven to show tremendous results. Few of the diagnosed vestibular conditions include Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)/ Vertigo, Labyrinthis or Vestibular neuritis, Ménière's disease etc. 
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    The following is an example of what can be done in the exercise program:


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    • Stroke/ Paralysis: The main manifestation is weakness of one side of the body. The functional impairments that occur after stroke are highly debilitating. They make the patient dependent for doing even normal activities of daily living (ADLs).  
      By use of different neuro approaches and strategies, we can help make the patient independent for ADLs.
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    • Spinal cord injuries: A common result of falls or road traffic accident. It manifests as weakness in both legs, arms and inability to get up, stand, etc.

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    • Peripheral nerve injuries : This is usually caused due fractures of hands/ legs or direct injury to hands / legs. This leads to reduced sensations, difficulty in movements of hands and legs. 

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    Recovery of neurological structures
    It is widely known that recovery of nerve and brain is much more complex and time consuming than other structures in the body. Other damages to skin, muscle recover in days or months. A neurological structure like nerve, spinal cord or brain may take days to years for recovery. A full recovery may not be expected in cases of severe injuries.

    How do neuro physiotherapists help?
    If the recovery is this complicated and time consuming, how do neurophysiotherapists help? Yes, it is true that it is a little complex, however we can change rate and quality of recovery to some extent. For example, a person with stroke may recover independently without ny exercises, but the recovery maybe much less than with exercises. All the movements will be less in terms of energy consumption and quality. Such movements will causes overloading other parts and lead t pain and disability.

    As other tissues, nervous tissues have the property of neuroplasticity, meaning that the neural tissues are plastic and can be reshaped. Even if a nerve is injured, there is sprouting of new neural connections and hence, recovery is possible. This is where a  Neuro physiotherapist comes into picture.

    In our childhood, when we are learning new skills, we observe that practice makes it perfect. Similar is the case here, the more you practice correct movement patterns, the more you will recover. The earlier you start physiotherapy, the better it gets for an optimal recovery. Through systematic study of the impairments a neurological disorders, neuro physiotherapists re-educate the muscles to perform the functional movements that were impaired. There are various strategies that train muscles and help the patient achieve a functionally independent status. The main aim of neuro physiotherapy is to enhance the quality of activity by improving the control of movement by various techniques and make the patient functionally independent.

    The objectives of neuro physiotherapy: 

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    How can we help you at Rehab Station?
    We believe in catering to specific needs of the client and addressing their goals to return to functional independence. The client must undergo full evaluation in our expertise and then a custom- made exercise protocol will be assigned to enhance recovery. We go with our motto “ Relief, Regain, Recover”!

    - Dr. Sukanya Dandekar (PT)
    Neuro physiotherapist at Rehab Station, Pune

    You can find us at:
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