Thursday, April 7, 2022

Is Parkinson's Disease a Death Sentence?

To answer in the very first sentence: NO!

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive condition which means that the disease severity increases with time.There are a lot of misconceptions about Parkinson's Disease and no one really knows what it is!

To save you the time and efforts of googling, we will answer some of the questions you ask on google:

1. How does a person get Parkinson's Disease?

Combination of genes, environment and lifestyle. 

2. What happens to a person with Parkinson's disease? 

- muscle stiffness

- tremors

- difficulty maintaining balance and walking

- forward bent posture

- loss of facial expressions

- loss of recent memory

- trouble talking and swallowing

3.  What are the early warning signs of Parkinson's disease?

- tremors of fingers and thumb

- handwriting becomes smaller as you write more words

- taking small steps

- trouble walking immediately after getting up

- swaying forwards or backwards while doing activities

- soft or low voice

4. Can you prevent Parkinson's Disease?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot prevent Parkinson's Disease. However, physiotherapy and medicines together can help you maintain near normal functional life.

5. What is the best treatment for Parkinson's Disease?

As mentioned above, Physiotherapy and Medicines will have a combined effect. Only medicines or only physiotherapy will not give you the desired results. Doing Physiotherapy after you have taken medications is the best treatment.

Another helpful solution is stress management and prevent social isolation. Encourage them to take part in all social activities so that they don't feel lonely!

Dr. Sukanya Dandekar (PT)

Neuro Physiotherapist
Rehab Station, Pune

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  1. Very helpful and meaningful information shared, thanks for sharing this will clear most of the misconceptions in our mind


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