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All you need to know about Post pregnancy physiotherapy

Postnatal Care (PNC) and Physiotherapy


Life for new moms can get hectic between changing diapers and feeding. With everything else on your plate, it can be difficult to take out even a few minutes for yourself. Many mothers neglect their health and avoid going to a physiotherapist. Some mothers don't even know that there are Physiotherapists who can look after their problems.


During pregnancy every woman goes through physical and emotional changes. Several physical changes which occur during pregnancy persist even after it. All these factors are interlinked and have a carryover effect after pregnancy. Even after giving birth, the mother might need proper attention to these problems, which range from low back pain to incontinence.


Many mothers ignore symptoms like pain and assume that it would go on its own, but that's not the case. There are other factors that also come into picture, like-

          1. Postpartum pelvic pain

          2. Low back pain

          3. Pelvic floor weakness

          4. Abdominal weakness

          5. Incontinence

          6. Ligament laxity

Here, Physiotherapy comes into picture. It plays an important role in managing the above mentioned problems and involves:

   1. Pain management

   2. Strengthening of pelvic floor & Abdominal muscles

   3. Proper Breast-feeding techniques

   4. Ergonomic advice

   5. Weight reduction

With physiotherapy, mothers can improve flexibility, strength, scar tissue mobility as well as incontinence. It helps mothers return to their pre-pregnancy fitness & their daily activities.

So, when to visit a Physiotherapist?

One can visit a Physiotherapist within or after first 6 months post-delivery. According to ACOG guidelines, women can safely perform low impact activities 2-3 weeks after vaginal delivery & 6-9 weeks after a caesarean delivery.


 Give your motherhood the fitness it deserves!




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