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Courtsey: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alzheimer%27s_disease#Pathophysiology 

Neuro- related to brain

Degenerative - progressive decline of function

Disease - condition affecting the person

What happens inside brain in Alzheimer's disease?

How do you know it is Alzheimer's disease?

- Forget the names of places or family members

- Forgetting recent events or conversations

- Having trouble identify everyday objects

- Trouble performing daily activities. 

- Cannot plan tasks. eg. dressing everyday

- Repeating statements over and over

- Getting lost in familiar places like neighbourhood

If you can’t stand up by yourself, you can’t live by yourself. Exercise keeps you independent!” 

Barbara Adams, a physiotherapist and author of Dementia and the Importance of Exercise wrote,

 "Exercise improves safety of transfers from chairs and toilets and getting into and out of bed; body image and a sense of achievement; ability to do household tasks without help; behavior and mood; appetite; and physical function and cognition.” 

A physiotherapist can help you learn more about how this drug-free therapy benefits individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease. Having independence in daily activities also gives a small measure of self-confidence.

Consider consulting a physiotherapist to avail of these benefits. Contact +91 8888833508 for more information.

-Dr. Sukanya Dandekar (PT)

Senior Neuro Physiotherapist

Rehab Station Pune

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